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Workshop: Coaching tools for management

“Coaching tools for management” is a workshop that aims to develop managers’ competencies related to the management of subordinates, in order to maximize their development potential.

I have extensive experience both in team management and in in the coaching of individuals, so I am in a good position to provide you with practical knowledge in using coaching as a management tool.

Recipients of the workshop

For whom:

  • managers who would like to improve their abilities to influence employee motivation

  • managers seeking to improve their team development and maximize their subordinates’ potential

What do you gain?

Skills you will improve:

  • you will learn about various personal development tools and learn how to distinguish between them

  • you will learn how to adapt development tools to the employee’s level of maturity (in terms of his competence and level of experience)

  • you will how to better recognize the strengths, and those areas requiring further development, of your employees

  • you will develop the ability to set and define goals in SMART categories

  • you will learn ways to motivate different types of subordinates

  • you will become familiar with the benefits and conditions of coaching management style

  • you will practice the ability to conduct feedback talks in accordance with the coaching model

  • you will learn conversational techniques that reveal opportunities and remove barriers

Why is it worth coming to my workshop?

First of all, I am not only a business trainer and coach, but just as importantly, I am an experienced project manager and business practitioner. I have over 20 years of managerial experience in both Polish and international companies in such industries as: consulting (BIG4), FMCG, telecommunications, entertainment and media. In addition I have director level experience in managing both internal audit, and purchasing and business controlling departments.
In my workshop, I will share my knowledge and practical managerial experience with you.

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