Effective leadership

A management and motivation style tailored to your employees

What is the Insights Effective Leadership program?

The Discovery Program – Effective Leadership allows managers to look deeper into their own management style. A good manager is a conscious manager, someone that is aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, their style of management and its impact on others. They are someone who takes care of both tasks, and the people standing behind them, and who knows how to motivate his team to achieve better results.

For whom?

For the managers of your company – if you want to develop your managers, make them aware of their own style of management and its impact on others, so that they can more effectively motivate and manage their employees.

How does it work?

The Personal Effectiveness Program not only supports the personal development of managers but also makes them more sensitive to the needs, expectations and motivational factors of other people.

Managers very often act under pressure and stress. Participation in the Individual Efficiency workshop can help them manage stress, understand its immediate causes, recognize the signs in one’s behavior, and support finding the right remedy. The Insights Discovery model allows you to approach the topic in a very safe way, but is also very challenging! The program teaches you how to work on your negative reactions under pressure, which may have a demotivating effect on the team.

4 Types of leadership actions according to Insights:

PROCESS Leadership

A great self-awareness, focus on the present, high consistency of activities.

RESULTS Leadership

Focusing on the task, striving for high efficiency, objectivity and rationality.

VISIONARY Leadership

Searching for opportunities, taking risks, exploring opportunities.


Building mutual respect and trust, focusing on cooperation, supporting and taking others into account.

Form of cooperation step by step

The starting point for work on all these areas is always the individual and the building of awareness, which begins by participating in the Personal Effectiveness program. Personal Effectiveness is always an introduction to further actions that can be taken towards the team. Then we can implement the Effective Leadership Program.


• Day 1 – Individual Effectiveness Workshop, which will help participants learn about the Insights Discovery model and get to know their own style of functioning in the context of the model by working with the Personal Profile. In addition, they will get better at understanding the styles of other people in the group, which will allow them to learn from each other. During this workshop, participants will learn to recognize, after certain signal groups, the type of person they interact with.


Day 2 – Effective Leadership Workshop that will help managers analyze their own management style more deeply. They will find out what their leadership style is: are they focused more on goals, relationships, processes or visions? What can they do to draw from those styles that are not close to them?


Each participant receives an invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Personal profile

On the basis of completed Questionnaires, Personal Profiles are prepared.

Workshop - day 1

I invite participants to the first, basic Insights Discovery workshop on Personal Effectiveness.

Workshop - day 2

In the next step we implement the next program: Effective Leadership.

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