Individual effectiveness with Insights Discovery

Individual effectiveness open workshop *


Warsaw, center
(the detailed address will be sent to registered participants)


(Saturday, 8h training, from 10:00 to 18:00)

The number of seats

(The workshops consist of no more than 6 to 10 persons, so that all participants can benefit fully)

(*This workshop is conducted in Polish but if you want me to organize it for a group of people in English just contact me.)


The individual efficiency workshop is based on the Insights Discovery methodology, which helps in understanding the styles of each person’s behavior. It shows preferred strategies for building relationships with others, with making decisions, and it explains differences between persons, and how to utilize these differences in behavior with others. It is useful for developing various competencies, both in professional and personal life, and in a conscious and consistent manner with our needs and values.

Workshop participants learn how they function in relationships with others, and learn to model their own behavior so that their cooperation with others will bring better results.

Workshop participants learn to use the Insights Discovery model in practice. Using the model, they first find out what their strengths are, and which areas may require further development. Then they learn how to better diagnose the behavior of others and to more effectively communicate with them. The goal of this is to learn how to adapt your own behavior to the environment (other people’s behavior), and how to build more effective and satisfying relationships in the workplace.

Recipients of the workshop

Workshop is for everyone who wants to:

  • Better understand themselves and the people they work with.

  • Build better relationships with others in their environments.

  • Learn how to recognize different personality types.

  • Learn effective communication strategies for other personality types in order to improve interpersonal relationships both professionally and personally.

  • More effectively manage a team of employees.

What do you gain?

The goals and benefits to be achieved:

  • You will receive an Individual Insights Discovery Profile about yourself which will deepen your self-awareness.

  •  You will get to know yourself, and begin to understand others, better.

  • You will develop in the area of effective relationship building with others.

  • You will learn about your strengths, and possible development areas that result from your cognitive style and your preferences – thanks to this, you will be able to plan and implement your interpersonal development.

  • You will create a common, effective communication platform between different people.

  • You will learn to actively adapt your communication style and knowledge gained in building relationships.

  • You will introduce into your life a common, easy-to-remember language of colors, allowing people to talk about preferences and personalities in a positive and accessible way.

Competencies that you will get:

  • Awareness of your own strengths, limitations and style of functioning.

  • Knowledge of different styles of functioning.

  • Adaptation and accommodation of behaviors.

The foundation of the workshop is receiving an Individual Profile for each participant of the workshop. The profile is based on the answers you gave in the Insights Discovery Preference Questionnaire, which usually takes about 25 minutes to complete. I will send you a link to the questionnaire a few days before the workshop.

Profile (basic version) contains information about yourself:

• The general style of functioning
• Strengths and weaknesses
• Values contributed to the team
• Communication factors
• Unconscious aspects of your image
• Opposite type
• Tips for further development
• Graphs showing the style of functioning in both favorable and stressful conditions and adaptive changes.

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery® is a model describing the individual style of human functioning. The main feature of the Insights Discovery model is the opportunity to learn and understand the causes of your behavior, as well as the behavior of other people. On the basis of this knowledge, there is a better acceptance and understanding of the mutual benefits of working with people with different preferences and styles.

How does the model work?

The Insights Discovery system uses a color language that is easy to use and remember. It uses the concept of color energy to describe CG Jung’s personality preferences: blue, green, yellow, red. The four color energies reflect four styles of functioning, four behavioral types, associated with characteristic psychological competences.
This simple language makes it easier to understand the method and profile, and is easy to remember and use in everyday interactions.

We each have all four color energies within us – it is the combination of the four energies that create the UNIQUE YOU.


By reading the color characteristics, you began to think about someone you know or maybe about yourself. You consider also how well and how often, in your opinion, you use a given color energy. When do you use your red / yellow / green / blue energy? How does it manifest itself in your behavior? When the use of this particular energy brings you the best results? Do you remember someone who often reaches for this energy?

Form of cooperation step by step

1 day workshop plus 1 post-workshop consultation session (individual profile feedback) agreed with each individual participant


You will receive an invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.
You will receive an invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Individual profile

Based on the completed Questionnaire, your Individual Profile will be prepared.


I will invite you to a one-day group workshop, and subsequently will meet with you individually.  

The following working methods will be used:

·    Individual Insights Discovery diagnostic questionnaire – completed a few days before the start of the training

·    individual exercises

·    group exercises

·    feedback

·    discussions

·    mini lecture

The investment is:

PLN 999 (excl. VAT)

And includes:
· your individual Insights Profile
· workbook
· individual post-workshop coaching meeting with each participant
· access to my over 20 years of management, training and coaching experience
· coffee breaks

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