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Personal effectiveness workshop for companies

Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, and that is exactly what Insights Discovery delivers. A better understanding of self and others means that relationships at work can become vehicles for, not barriers to, business success.


Personal Effectiveness is a basic workshop program that is essentially an introduction to the Insights Discovery® system. Through interactive exercises, the program helps you to understand yourself as well as others.


The program is based on a simple model:

·    Know yourself

·    Meet and learn about others

·    Adapt your behavior and attitude with others to increase the effectiveness of your interpersonal relationships


Thanks to the use of Insights Discovery Personal Profiles, the program allows participants to better understand themselves, get to know the preferences of other people and actively adapt their communication style. The language of the four color energies facilitates memorizing the content of the program and helps to quickly use the acquired knowledge in building relationships.

What is a Personal Profile?

The Personal Profile is the basic tool of the Insights Discovery® methodology, and is based on the completion of a Preference Questionnaire. Unlike traditional tests, the Insights Discovery Preference Questionnaire is descriptive rather than evaluative .

The profile is not used to determine the ideal type, nor is it assigned to specific roles or professions. Insights Discovery shows what are the preferred styles of action, what is our potential and what areas require us to appeal or broaden our competences and skills. With this knowledge, you can build better relationships with others, work more effectively and harmoniously, and manage people more effectively.

The Personal Profile is written in a very positive language, which is extremely constructive and strengthening. Statistical surveys of the output of the Preference Questionnaire confirm both its high accuracy and reliability.

What do you gain?

Goals and benefits:

  • You will get to know yourself and begin to understand others better.
  • You will further develop in the area of effective relationship building with others.
  • You will learn about your strengths, and possible development areas, that result from your cognitive style and your preferences – thanks to this you will be able to plan and implement your interpersonal development plan.
  • You will learn to actively adapt your communication style and knowledge gained in building relationships.

Competencies that you will get:

  • Awareness of your own strengths, limitations and style of functioning.
  • Knowledge of different styles of functioning.
  • Adaptation and accommodation of behaviors.

The profile is based on the answers you will give in the Insights Discovery Preference Questionnaire, which usually takes about 25 minutes to complete.

Key chapters of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile can include (basic version):

  • Overview of your personal style, interacting with others and decision making
  • Key strengths and possible weaknesses
  • Value to the team
  • Effective communications
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Possible blind spots
  • Opposite type
  • Suggestion for development
  • Your Insights Discovery type wheel and color dynamics

Insights Discovery Personal Profile is:

  • a tool supporting the individual development of the employee and the entire team.

  • a document which is a great support for people in deepening their knowledge about themselves, their style of action and its impact on relationships with other people in the work environment.

  • an outline of the direction of personal development, helping to increase the effectiveness of your activities both on a private and professional basis.

Form of cooperation step by step


You will receive an email invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Personal profile

Based on the completed Questionnaire, your personal profile will be prepared, solely for the use by the workshop participant.


I invite participants to the first, basic Insights Discovery workshop on Personal Effectiveness.

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