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Workshop: The art of presentation and public speaking

“The art of presentation and public speaking” is a workshop dedicated to people who, due to their functions, often face a large group of listeners. During the workshops, subjects are introduced to the principles of constructing an event, methods of establishing contact with the audience, individual styles of conducting the speech, and methods of coping with stage fright and emotions related to public speeches. Finally, the differences between verbal and non-verbal communication are also discussed.

The main goal of the training is to strengthen the natural presentation skills and awareness of the speaker.

Recipients of the workshop

For whom:

  • people who often appear in public, eg during conferences or industry meetings

  • employees who often give presentations to colleagues and superiors

What do you gain?

Skills that you will acquire:

  • you will learn how to prepare a presentation – the strategy and structure of the presentation

  • you will become familiar with the elements of effective presentation, as well as learn the next stages of making contact with listeners

  • you will learn how to deal with symptoms of stress before the appearance

  • you will learn to construct adequate performances – how to start well, talk interestingly and effectively finish

  • you will learn about negative examples – eg. how to effectively lose contact with the audience

  • you will learn to keep eye contact with the group and control your body language

Why is it worth coming to my workshop?

We live in the 21st century, the so-called “information age”, so the ability to speak publicly has become one of the most key skills in almost every profession. Being enchanting to the audience is usually acquired over years, but thankfully there are simple ways that you can immediately improve your presentation and public speaking skills.

At the very thought of public speaking – described as one of the biggest and most common fears – some peoples’ hands sweat. Do not worry, good communication is never perfect and no one expects you to be perfect. However, it is enough that you devote some time to prepare yourself to speak. You may not be able to overcome stress completely, but you will learn how to minimize it. All you need is to take part in my workshops, where you will learn the necessary tools to help you improve the art of making public presentations.

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