Sales effectiveness

How to better understand the needs of your clients and respond to them

The key to success in business relationships is often the client’s relationship and feeling that he is understood and receives exactly what he wants. Insights Discovery is used wherever we talk about building good, strong win-win relationships, also in sales. In a few very clear steps, trainees will learn to better understand their own sales style, deepen their strengths and ameliorate their weaknesses, and then show them how to easily and effectively recognize the type of client. With this knowledge, they will be practicing adaptation to the clients’ needs at every stage of sales.

What is the Insights Effective Sale program?

Insights Discovery Effective Sales allows you to learn about your individual sales style, analyze your personality preferences at every stage of sales and combine them with your competences. Participants expand their knowledge in the recognition of personality types and learn how to adapt their verbal and non-verbal communication to the needs of different clients.

For whom?

The program is dedicated to sales teams and focuses on developing specific strategies to increase sales efficiency.

How does it work?

The Effective Sales program focuses on two areas:


Development of seller self-awareness  


Only by knowing your individual style of functioning and its impact on the implementation of the sales process, can you consciously develop relationships and cooperation with the client. It is important to look at your tendencies and areas for development at each of the sales stages (from preparation and making contact to continuing cooperation). It is important to distinguish and understand what is the preference and what competence is needed to approach the client, what you can build, and what still requires a certain amount of work.

Client typology  


Skillfully recognizing the style of your clients’ functioning, so you can adequately respond to their needs. This applies not only to communication, but also to the appropriate presentation of the offer or strategy of closing the transaction. By observing the client’s behavior, one can find out which color energies he prefers.

4 Steps to building a client relationship

Step 1

Understanding yourself and your personality preferences.

Step 2

Understanding others, seeing and appreciating the differences between people.

Step 3

Learn to adapt your behavior to make it easier to find a level of communication with people and to deal with them more effectively.

Step 4

Apply the knowledge in practice.

Insights Discovery Effective Sales will support you in building conscious, competent sales staff. The program is extremely useful, and the knowledge that flows from it is easy to remember and use.

Form of cooperation step by step

The starting point for work on all these areas is always the individual and the building of awareness, which begins by participating in the Personal Effectiveness program. Personal Effectiveness is always an introduction to further actions that can be taken towards the team. That is why the first day of training is always the Personal Effectiveness Workshop. Thereafter we can implement the Effective Sales Program.

  • Day 1 – Personal Effectiveness Workshop, which will help participants learn about the Insights Discovery model and get to know their own style of functioning in the context of the model by working with the Personal Profile. In addition, they will get to know better the style of functioning of other people in the group, which will allow them to learn from each other. During this workshop, the participants will learn to recognize the type of client with whom they interact by recognizing signals.

  • Day 2 – Insights Discovery Effective Sales, which will allow participants to take a closer look at their strengths and weaknesses at every stage of sales. This program will also help to analyze your own personality preferences versus acquired competences. It will also allow you to practice different adaptation strategies for individual types of clients – using appropriate phrases, key words and body language.


Each participant receives an invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Personal profile

On the basis of completed Questionnaires, Personal Profiles are prepared.

Workshop - day 1

I invite participants to the first, basic Insights Discovery workshop on Personal Effectiveness.

Workshop - day 2

In the next step, we implement the next program: Effective Sales.

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