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The Logo of my company is a Celtic style four leaf clover. Why the Celtic reference? Because my last name is Irish.

I like the story of my life with its all ups and downs, mistakes, failures and successes. I am proud of my life journey and my story, because every story may be an inspiration, provide motivation or give hope!

This includes your story as well 🙂

What are you expecting from your life?

Do you want a happy life?

Do you want success?

Why not get it?

Success has a different meaning for everyone

And that is ok, because we are all different.

But I know for sure, that lasting success consists of four permanent parts.


Noticeable pleasure or life satisfaction.


Accomplishments bigger than others.


Belief that our activities give benefits to other people that we care about.


The value system or experience resource that will allow others to be successful in the future.

Each part should be further sub-divided into four main life areas: personal, professional, family and social.

You can look at it from a different perspective

The four leaf clover is a symbol of luck. It is said that everyone wants to be fulfilled in four areas: love, health, respect and wealth. Then one feels happy.


When you look at the four elements of your life, what do you see? Do you feel fulfilled and balanced?


If the answer is “no”, then I encourage you to further self-development. To get to know the real you and to implement changes where necessary, to add to your personal and professional life a new direction and meaning.


Changes are good and necessary to live your own life!


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