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Team effectiveness with Insights Discovery

What is the Insights Team Effectiveness program?

Team Effectiveness Program is a continuation of the journey during which we focus on the team. The program allows a deeper look at the group structure based on a map of the Team Circle, which shows the distribution of color energy of team members. The team can look at each other from the perspective of individuals, see the synergy and unique value that each person brings.

Insight Team effectiveness is an analysis leading to the identification of the most critical, but also the most difficult areas of functioning. The team diagnoses and confronts their problems, improves relationships and ultimately raises their results.

The Insights Program Team Effectiveness helps teams find a balance between different areas of operation and increase their effectiveness, even in the most difficult moments.

For whom?

For teams whose members completed the Insights Discovery questionnaire and held an individual efficiency workshop.

The starting point for work is the individual and building awareness, which begins by participating in the Individual Efficiency program. Individual Effectiveness is always an introduction to further actions that can be taken towards the team.

Here, the team is a set of individuals making up the whole – and it is the individuals who are the key to understanding the style of functioning of the whole group, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as developing guidelines for improving the teams functioning.

The strengths of your team

How does it work?

The program includes familiarizing the participants with the model of the 4 pillars of Team Effectiveness.

Each pillar is associated with one of 4 color energies.




A team with well-set processes has a set of diverse skills, follows the priorities and measures individual and team results.



The focused team has a common vision, is responsible and focused on achieving the intended results.



A synchronized team can conduct an open dialogue, find space for new ideas, is flexible and reacts quickly to changing circumstances.



A team with a good climate keeps unity under pressure, honesty and does not exclude any team member.

If one of the pillars is not working properly, the team may be ineffective in different areas. A team that can balance individual areas is more likely to succeed. The Team Effectiveness Model allows the team to name and discuss various difficult issues within these four key pillars.

Form of cooperation step by step

The starting point for work on all these areas is always the individual and the building of awareness, which begins by participating in the Personal Effectiveness program. Personal Effectiveness is always an introduction to further actions that can be taken towards the team. That is why the first day of training is always the Individual Effectiveness Workshop. Then we can implement the Team Effectiveness Program.

  •  Day 1 – Personal Effectiveness Workshop, which will help participants learn about the Insights Discovery model and get to know their own style of functioning in the context of the model by working with the Individual Profile. In addition, they will get to know better the style of functioning of other people in the group, which will allow them to learn from each other. During this workshop, participants will learn to recognize, after certain signal groups, the type of person they interact with.

  •  Day 2 – Team Effectiveness Workshop, which allows participants to answer important but sometimes difficult questions for the team: where are our weaknesses? Where do they come from? Is there anything we can do about it ourselves? The program also allows you to strengthen the team’s identity. It gives you the opportunity to verify the rules of cooperation between particular types of Insights.


Each participant receives an email invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Personal profile

On the basis of completed Questionnaires, Individual Profiles are prepared.

Workshop - day 1

I invite participants to the first, basic Insights Discovery workshop on Personal Effectiveness.

Workshop - day 2

In the next step, we implement the next program: Team Effectiveness.

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