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Workshops for companies with the Insights Discovery system

What is Insights Discovery?

Insights Discovery ® is a model describing the individual style of human functioning.


The main feature of the Insights Discovery model is the opportunity to learn and understand the causes of ones behavior, as well as the behavior of other people. On the basis of this knowledge, there is a deep acceptance and understanding of the mutual benefits of working with people with different preferences and styles of action.

For whom?

For all companies, regardless of their size, who know that the success of the organization depends on its employees. It is a proven and easy to use method for developing employees, building effective teams, business and personal relationships.

After all, business and life are relationships!

Benefits for the company thanks to Insights:

  • support in resolving conflicts and increasing trust in the team

  • matching the style of management and motivating to the preferences and style of employees

  • better understanding of clients’ needs and adequate responses to them

  • building effective teams and strengthening mutual relations between people

  • more effective communication in the organization

What will your employees get:

  • reports containing information on individual style of operations, preferred style of interaction with other people, their way of making decisions, their strengths and weaknesses, the values they bring to the team, and most/least effective ways of communication

  • information on lesser known aspects of functioning, the style of functioning of people with an extremely different type of personality, and effective ways of communicating with such people

  • tips for further development

  • group and individual feedback workshop sessions for people who completed the questionnaire

How does the model work?

The Insights Discovery system uses a color language that is easy to use and remember. It uses the concept of color energy to describe CG Jung’s personality preferences: blue, green, yellow, red. The four color energies reflect four styles of functioning, four behavioral types, associated with characteristic psychological competencies.

This simple language makes it easier to understand the method and profile, and is easy to remember and use in everyday interactions.

We each have all four color energies within us – it is the combination of the four energies that create the UNIQUE YOU.


By reading the color characteristics, probably you began to think about someone you know or maybe about yourself. You consider also how well and how often, in your opinion, you use a given color energy. When do you use your red / yellow / green / blue energy? How does it manifest in your behavior? When the use of this particular energy brings you the best results? Do you remember someone who often reaches for this energy?

Insights tools and programs

Insights Discovery is used where interpersonal relationships are important, where it is important to personalize the approach to other persons, what and where we think about the team, as a network of relationships and as a functional unit.


Insights Discovery is a series of tools and programs that will allow you to develop a training strategy for the team and which affect various areas, such as:

• Management and leadership
• Effective sales
• Diagnosis and raising the efficiency of teams
• Learning to provide and receive feedback
• Building strong relationships and effective communication / cooperation in the organization


The starting point for work on all these areas is the individual and building of awareness, which begins by participating in the Individual Efficiency program. Individual Effectiveness is always an introduction to further actions that can be taken towards the team.

Form of cooperation step by step


Each participant receives an email invitation from me with a link to complete the Preference Questionnaire.

Individual profile

On the basis of completed Questionnaires, an Individual Profile is prepared.


I invite participants to the first, basic Insights Discovery workshop on Individual Effectiveness.

Follow up

In the next steps, we implement further programs, depending on the company’s needs, e.g. Team Effectiveness, Effective Sales, Effective Leadership.

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